ADK backcountry – some photos

Here are some shots by my wonderfully talented friend Jay of our backcountry excursion. All photo credits to him.







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View from the top – Mt Colden

Had a great jaunt in the Adirondacks over Canada Day weekend. I took a novice and two fairly experienced backpackers on a three day trip.

Beautiful views on Sunday from 4714 feet on top of Mt Colden. Some fairly technical scrambles to the top coming from Lake Colden. Expect to put the trekking poles away!


We shot a wonderful 360 of the top using the iPhone app.

Check it out HERE!

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Front door kit

Mt Marcy next weekend. >30lb kit. 🙂


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Why I own a food scale

I love to obsess over what my gear weighs. Be careful though… It can be addictive. I keep commonly used items in an archive and just copy it to make new lists.

If you see me tinkering on my iPad, chances are it is in Numbers with one of these spreadsheets.

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Foreward – A sense of scale

The world is a really big place. It is hard to appreciate it when you think of the areas mankind has conquered as being the center of the universe. Most men and women take comfort in the buzz of the millions of other souls about them to quiet the hissing, lizard part of their brain that cynically whispers ‘You know… you’re really all alone’. Being alone can be terrifying. It forces one to be with one’s own self in a way that is chronically missing from modern life.

It is only when you get to the edges of what man has claimed (and believe me, they’re closer than you think) and look back, with the cold void of empty silence at your back, that you can truly appreciate the vastness of existence.

It is humbling and exhilarating all at once. It is affirming and entropic. All the humours of a life spent suppressing ‘being with ones own-self’ come undammed and flood in with a kind of overwhelming endorphin and adrenaline fuelled surge.

Take a trip to the edge. Swim away from shore. Walk until the quiet hums in your ears. You’ll know it when you get there. It’s when you know you’re just one person in the center of everything and nothing. You’re just you. Then you really can be the centre of universe.

You might never want to do it again. Extroverts will lose energy at an alarming rate. You might never want to return to civilization. Introverts can find the charge from such isolation empowering.

It is my belief however, that to experience even the tiniest atom of the vastness of what is must be impossible without using the only tool at your disposal, your own self, to get a sense of scale.


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The Great Exodus Sale – Moving back to Canada!

As with all good things, my time traveling across the US has now come to an end. As such my family will be ‘lightening our backpacks’ for our trek back to Canada. In an effort to streamline what we are bringing back we are selling off a lot of our furniture. A Garage sale will follow with lots of books, DVDs and very cool collectibles and nick-knacks in two weeks.

As Ebay Classifieds (while free) makes it really hard to search or put all your ads together in one place (in order to get more ad revenue by making you search) I’m making one big listing with links to all the Details here. Photos will of course sit here as well. Please forward, share pass along and otherwise advertise this for us. We will be making our first trip home in just about three weeks! Good to know (and to let people know!) is that we can accept Credit Cards, so those larger purchases are easier than one might think to make.

You can see this stuff and more on our Craigslist Page. 

So here is the first wave of what we are selling (Click on the photos to go to the classified listings);

Still available – Contact here. $160


Still available – Contact here. $90

$350 - Discount negotiable with other painting in the series.

$350 – Discount negotiable with other painting in the series.

48"x48" Abstract

$350 – Discount negotiable if purchased with other painting in the series.





$1400 (Will consider discount if purchased with loveseat)

$1400 (Will consider discount if purchased with loveseat)

$900 (Will consider discount if purchased with the accompanying couch)

$900 (Will consider discount if purchased with the accompanying couch)

****SOLD**** $20


****SOLD**** $150


****SOLD**** $150


****SOLD**** $400



$30 each / 5 Available

****SOLD**** $30 each / 5 Available


$20 / each - $120 for all 7 available.

****SOLD**** $20 / each – $120 for all 7 available.


****SOLD**** $40

$35 each - $180 for all 6 Available.

****SOLD*** $35 each – $180 for all 6 Available.

$65 (6 bins included)

****SOLD**** $65 (6 bins included)


****SOLD**** $55

$30 each - $55 for the pair

****SOLD**** $30 each – $55 for the pair

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And away I go


Haven’t posted in some time, but in have good reasons I swear. They mostly come in the form of a new house and a beautiful baby daughter.

As anyone knows, such earth-moving events can keep you still for a time, and make you reflect.

That being said, I am back on the road. 30L MEC bag holding all my worldly goods for a week working in the UK. My usual gypsy-camp washing system will let me get away with 3 sets of clothes and gym gear.

See you all in transit.


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January 25, 2014 · 3:41 pm