Hello from the gate


Hey folks, first attempt at a candid blog. It will most likely be about travel, and backpacks. And traveling out of a backpack. I own a lot of backpacks. My wife owns a lot of handbags, so really turnabout is fair play.

So here is a quick hello from my seat aboard the Boeing 757 I’m currently heading from Atlanta to Minneapolis on. My backpack is above me in the overhead bin and I’m considering what I should put up here as my first post.

I was answering a question today on the backpacker.com about what kind of bag and gear to take on a two week trip to Italy (Europe in general). Maybe I’ll post my usual multi-week trip gear list and see what you think.

Until then, they’re shutting the boarding door.


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August 13, 2012 · 8:35 pm

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