Hiking Trails – Castle Rock State Park, California


While I was in the Bay Area I took an evening to stretch my legs. Nice little park south of San Jose up in the saddle mountains around the Bay.


This photo is shot as the sun is going down in the west over the bay to my right. The fog was rolling in off the Pacific and it really was pretty spectacular. I imagine the views from up here are the best at sunrise and sunset, but bring a headlamp as the gap back to the parking lot gets dark almost an hour before sun goes down!


While the air outside the redwoods was a comfortable 75 degrees, it was breezy and cool once you got to the windward face of the mountains.


…the trail was beautiful on the way back.

Lots of folks Bouldering in the park. If you’re a climber or hiker or even photographer, this park is worth checking out. I went on a weeknight and it was very peaceful. I’m warned its VERY busy on weekends however, so caveat emptor.

All photos iPhone 4S!


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August 28, 2012 · 6:57 pm

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